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Triman’s Hydraulic Press Brakes

Triman’s Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Advantages of Triman's Hydraulic Press Brakes Compared to Mechanical Press Brakes

Advantages of Triman's Hydraulic Shears Compared to Mechanical Shears


Guillotine Shears, Hydraulic Presses

Our Manpower

Trimans - ManpowerWe sincerely believe that excellent manpower is the foundation of our successful business and we are also determined to derive optimum value from our manpower capabilities. At NuGEN Machineries Ltd, we have employed talented manpower having wide experience in their respective areas of operations and are capable of chiseling out the best products with utmost ease.

Our technocrats and professional directors work round-the-clock in different areas comprising Product Design & Improvements, Marketing, Contracts Execution, After-sales Service, Quality Control as well as Finance and Customer Supports, according to their respective area of specialization and core competence. Our experienced design-staff, constantly remain in touch with the latest international trends and remain in the know with regard to the innovative products that are in great demand. We are also backed by an excellent sales team of experienced professionals to ensure timely execution of the many prestigious projects entrusted to us; and that too in a qualitative manner.