Fixed Rake Angle Hydraulic Shear

NuGEN Machineries Limited offers Trimans Fixed Rake Angle Hydraulic Shear are suitable for Shearing Metallic and Non-Metallic Sheets and can be easily integrated for on line shearing applications such as cut-to-length line, Roll forming line, coil buildup Line.

Hydraulic Shears offer many advantages over conventional mechanical shears. Built-in overload protection protects the machine and the blades against damages due to overload or misuse. The uniform gentle shearing reduces impact load on blades enhancing their life, reducing regrinding costs and permitting shearing of brittle or coated sheets which crack when sheared on mechanical machines. The noiseless, vibration free with push button/footswitch operation improves working atmosphere, reduces operator fatigue. There are few moving and wearing parts hence least maintenance or downtime. Moreover, unlike mechanical shears, due to less wear and tear the Fixed Rake Angle Hydraulic Shearing Machine does not reduce shearing capacity. Hence the machine has very long service life. The ram automatically reverses on completion of the cut irrespective of the job length reducing idle travel and increasing productivity for smaller jobs.

NuGEN Advantage

  • Quality Management System standard ISO 9001 : 2015 certified by DNV-GL
  • Wide Product range
  • Prompt service support after sales
  • Prompt delivery
  • Guidance for machine selection by well experienced & qualified engineers.
  • Guidance for proper selection of the tooling based on customer’s job application by well experienced & qualified engineers.



Salient Features

Ram Roller Guided System incorporating traditional TRIMANS torque tube design.

High cutting quality is ensured through the Rigid Ram roller guided system along with HCHCr blade and low fixed rake angle.

Easier Cutting length adjustment.

Instantaneous ram stoppage and hydraulic overload safety provides maximum safety for machine and operator.

Least impact loads give blade life, noiseless operation which improves working atmosphere and eliminates need to isolate the machine.

Easiest & fastest clearance setting arrangement with Direct calibration to thickness by levers on both sides of machine.

Less power consumption, least wear & maintenance reduces operating costs and downtime.

Roller guides on Ram with hardened replaceable liners give unlimited life and play-free movement of the ram.

Back Gauge automatically retracts away from bottom blade after shearing completion to avoid trapping of cut strips between them thereby reducing wear and tear of shearing blades and gauge bar in case the NC Hydraulic Shearing Machine(Fixed Rake Angle) is equipped with NC Back Gauge.